From the desk of Jennifer Lioy

Jennifer Lioy is a designer and illustrator from Denton, TX with a passion for storytelling, community, and creative expression. She is a communicator who believes that colors, shapes, and lines tell stories just as powerfully as words can, but they all work best in cooperation with one another.

She is a self-taught handywoman, calligrapher, and ukulele player, a NYTimes Cooking enthusiast, and is pretty sure she could actually do anything she puts her mind to (thanks, Mom!). If given the chance, she will corner you in a bar to ask you what you’re afraid of. 

From the face of Jennifer Lioy

Jennifer lives in Austin, TX and would love to collaborate with you on design, illustration, writing, copyediting, starting a book club that actually reads books, and hosting kitchen dance parties.

email: jennifermarielioy@gmail.com