Jennifer Lioy


Holiday Traditions

Christmas Cookies2012 If there's one thing I can say with confidence, it's that my family doesn't mess around with Christmas cookies. I have made and decorated these delicious little cookies every year since I can remember, and the past few years it's been my duty to document the cookie happenings. It's one of my favorite family traditions. My Nana passed away a few years ago, and we use her recipe, which makes the day extra special. I feel a little closer to my sweet Italian grandmother, and I remember I'll always be her gioia di Nana. Holidays are mostly joyful and happy, but they're also a little sad when loved ones are missed. And I think that's okay. It reminds us to be present, to say "I love you" when we mean it, and be thankful for the time we have, which is the whole point of celebrating, I think.