Jennifer Lioy


Not-So-Secret Admirer: Anthropologie

If you're anything like me, you've spent many hours of your life flipping through those colorful pages of the Anthropologie catalog when it comes in the mail, longing for your life to have a little more Anthropologie. You've planned a lovely life together for you and Anthro. You've dreamed of filling your home or apartment with patterned textiles, hand-painted dishes, coral-colored flats you wait for but never go on sale, stacks of art and design books for your coffee table, and you've even considered buying the candles they keep lit all over each store, that way your space would at least smell like an Anthropologie, even if the rest doesn't quite measure up. What strikes me most each time I step into an Anthropologie, beyond the incredible number of stunning items for sale, are the window displays. I think what I love most about them is how innovative they are in terms of what makes up the work, and it's only when you zoom in and look closely do you see that they use everything from plastic silverware, corks, paint sticks, crepe paper, to yarn.


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