Jennifer Lioy


Valentines Day Printable Postcard

As the (perpetually) single girl that I seem to be, I like to take Valentine's Day to remind my sweet friends and family how much I love them. It's my own way of celebrating an otherwise downer-of-a-day for us single gals. This year I designed, printed, and mailed postcards to my friends and family near and far. I even picked up a sheet of those beautiful LOVE stamps by typographer Jessica Hische, who's basically a lettering goddess. I might have to use these stamps year-round. So for those of you like me, who have lots of  Special Someones in your life, here's a printable postcard to send or give to the people who make your life a little bit lovelier. The lettering I did for the front of the postcard comes from the lyrics of this beautiful song by one of my favorite bands The Head and the Heart. Seemed appropriate.

Happy Valentines Day!


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