Jennifer Lioy


Netflix Roundup {Documentaries}

I'm addicted to watching documentaries on Netflix, okay? I admit it. Sometimes I stay in on the weekend and Netflix binge, and then I totally justify it by saying that I'm watching documentaries, so they're at least a bit educational, making it seem like my lazy weekend habits are actually productive. There are so many good ones, and if you don't have Netflix, I'm sure someone you know does and will be happy to share the wealth. I'm the official holder of the community Netflix account all of my friends use. It works and doesn't impact my Netflix watching at all, so I'm totally cool with the whole deal. Anyway, here are a few I watched recently, all of which were phenomenal. billcunningam1. I didn't know a thing about Bill Cunningham prior to watching this film beyond the fact that he is a legendary street photographer for the NY Times. I don't think you have to be interested in fashion or street style at all to enjoy this. Bill Cunningham tells incredible stories and the documentary does an excellent job of telling his. It certainly left me feeling like Bill Cunningham just might be the sweetest, most endearing, and incredibly talented artist on the planet. Trust me on this one, guys.firstposition copy2. First Position follows a number of young ballet dancers as they prepare to compete in the Youth America Grand Prix, an extremely prestigious dance competition. The dancers are intense, and intensely dedicated to their art, and the documentary is lovely all around.SEPTEMBER3. Looks like I've been on a fashion kick lately. The September Issue follows Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the entire team at Vogue preparing for their biggest issue. Don't be fooled; it's not all sequins and Jimmy Choos over there. It seems to be about as hardcore and cutthroat as it gets, even when you're at the top of the food chain.  "Fashion is a religion. This is the bible." enligh4. I'm a very new convert to yoga. It's been about nine months since I began practicing yoga regularly, but I'm not hardcore by any means. One of the things I've come to love most about yoga is that practicing makes me want to learn and understand it, which I can't say about my thirty-minutes-on-the-elliptical workout routine I had before. Enlighten Up!, like the September Issue, doesn't pretend everything about the practice is fun, easy, or even always worth the effort. As a yoga novice, I really enjoyed this documentary because it was reassuring, and gives you a very honest and realistic account of diving into the world of yoga for the first time.

If you have any documentaries you absolutely love, I would appreciate any reccommendations! sources: 1/2/3/4comment