Jennifer Lioy


One year (one year later)

A year ago today I recorded the last video of my favorite project to date, a collection of 1-second videos from the previous year of my life. Documenting projects like this are always a little odd to look back on. Time makes everything fuzzy, but here it is in tiny snips. Lots of change. Lots and lots. 


On May 11, 2013 I graduated from college and started recording one second of video (almost) every day for a year. In that year, I kissed my precious little Texas town goodbye and moved across the country, started graduate school in Syracuse, NY, learned a few new songs on my ukulele, made a best friend, pierced my nose, spent hours driving aimlessly, stayed up all night watching reruns of Friends, saw dozens of my favorite bands, had a Texas-themed 22nd birthday party, missed my big sister and the sweetest parents in the world, got completely lost, slowly learned how to put myself back together, survived winter, took a handful of fantastic road trips, got my first tattoo (and my first speeding ticket), graduated from college again but skipped the cap and gown, drank too many cups of coffee, danced my ass off, hung out with some cute pups, hugged my beautiful friends, and felt overwhelmingly grateful for the stellar life I get to have.

Music: Ballad of Oregon by River City Extension

This project was inspired by James Bernal, who did it way better, way before me. He's the real hero, and you should check out his work: