Please Do Not Feed the Fears



A silly play on words, this design is a very sincere reminder to not let our fears limit us. It’s a call for openness (but not recklessness).

When we let fear control us, we close ourselves off to experiences and people that can expand our worldview, challenge our values, and ultimately encourage us to be more empathetic and openminded humans.

I combined imagery that invokes adventure, travel, and time outdoors as a nod to the original phrase and its usage. No bears were harmed in the making of this artwork.

Vulnerability close up

Specs: One-color letterpress 5x7” print as part of the Holstee Membership, a monthly subscription which includes a unique art print and engaging mindfulness guide. The theme for this month was vulnerability.

Process: Sketched on paper to refine the elements and lettering, then drew in Adobe Illustrator.