Take Care Print

Take care.

I love the phrase ‘take care’ as a mantra for wellness because while it's most commonly used as a casual, sometimes careless way of saying goodbye, when you give it a moment of pause, it's actually a lovely message to wish someone (or yourself). There’s no guilt implied, no judgment about what you should be doing buried underneath.

While taking care for me means spending time in the sun, sleeping soundly, eating colorful fruit and veggies, and not drinking too much coffee, maybe it looks completely different to you. But I hope you do whatever you need to feel good, content, and strong. Take care.

Specs: Two-color letterpress 5x7” print as part of the Holstee Membership, a monthly subscription which includes a unique art print and engaging mindfulness guide. The theme for this month was wellness.

Process: Drawn in Adobe Sketch (Photoshop for iPad). Printing includes overprint to create a third dark color, which is pretty sweet.