We are enough as we are.

Gratitude Enough Digital

As we are.

With this illustration, I wanted to break down a favorite mantra of mind into three times of day as a reflection on gratitude in every moment.

‘I have enough’ is a beautiful reminder that when we are grateful, we have everything we need. ‘I do enough’ eases the pressure we feel to do and achieve more. And ‘I am enough’ is a powerful conclusion to the gratitude practice (and the day). We have so much to gain when we take a moment to feel grateful — to be alive, to exist on this incredible planet, to receive and share kindness and love.

Life can be exceedingly difficult, but gratitude reminds us there’s still a ton of good amid all the rest. It offers us peace and light.

Gratitude flat lay

Specs: Two-color letterpress 5x7” print as part of the Holstee Membership, a monthly subscription which includes a unique art print and engaging mindfulness guide. The theme for this month was, you guessed it, gratitude.

Process: Drawn in Adobe Sketch (Photoshop for iPad) and refined in Photoshop for clean color separation.