Mindfulness Guides

Live with intention.

One of the core offerings included in the monthly Holstee Membership is an actionable guide (view digital sample here). Guides include: soul-searching questions, meditation guides, discussion topics, deep dives into the science of positive psychology, wisdom from ancient philosophers (and some contemporary ones as well), inspiring quotes, and monthly challenges to help people put thought into action.

For two years, I researched, wrote, edited, designed, and ran production on 20+ guides, one of the most rewarding and challenging projects I worked on during my time at Holstee. A labor of love from the whole team, and something I will always be proud to have hustled my way through each month.

Specs: A two-color, 12-page booklet design x 24 months. Saddle-stitched and packed with a lot of love.

Process: Kind of like writing a workbook every month for two years. Or a small magazine. Or developing a curriculum. Really, the process was to try our very best to create something meaningful, something that would actually help people slow down, reflect on what is important to them, and feel a little better.